Emirates Desert
4 WD Center

Spare parts and quality accessories.

EMIRATES DESERT 4WD CENTER was established in October of 1990. Since then it has grown into one of the premier 4 wheel drive shops in the ALAIN-ABUDHABI.


Emirates Desert
4 WD Garage

Imagine it. We will do.

The workshop that handles anything from bolt-on products to rebuilding transmissions-transfer cases, engine fabrication & special Govt. tasks.


Emirates Desert
Steel Workshop and Caravans

Design your own Caravan

The steel workshop deploys residential constructions, modification and designing of caravans / vehicles bumpers & fuel tanks and various types of trailers.

Steel fabrications
Emirates Desert Steel Workshop

All the heavy duty works are carried out at our steel branch.

Trailers: These heavy weight trailers are useful for the purpose of towing vehicles or any other heavy equipments.
Car Bumper & Other Accessories: We have our home manufacturing for front and rear bumpers for 4 WD vehicles.

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4 Wheel Garage
Emirates Desert 4 Wheel Garage


Specialized tools. You will be genuinley surprised at what we can do. All types of 4WD modifications and steel fabrications.

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4 Wheel Drive Center
Emirates Desert 4 Wheel Drive Center.

Brose our wide range of selection. Quality 4X4 spare parts and accessories.

  • Performance
  • Ignition
  • Super charger
  • Sport Seats
  • Tyres

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Phone: +971 3 721 89 89
Fax: +971 3 721 80 08
Site: www.emiratesdesert.com
Email: info@emiratesdesert.com
P.O. Box: 20444 - Indust. Area
Al Ain - United Arab Emirates.